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Success Stories

Life Changing Results! 

Here are what a few of our dog owners have to say about their training experiences at Out of the DogHouse LLC:


Dru truly helped transform our dog, Monty, from unpredictable to well behaved and a joy to have in the house. Her training techniques and kindness with us made the experience of dog training such a pleasure. We plan to take our other dog to her because we have had such a positive experience with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to train their dog. Thank you, Dru, for giving us the tools to have a dog that we can enjoy now! Best investment we have made!

Jessica and Brianna Gift


From Thomas R. Houlihan:

“She’s a thousand percent better.”  Those were nice words to hear from my father about our puppy, Sarah.  My father had not seen her in a month, and within that month, we had sent Sarah to Dru’s overnight training camp. 

 Before overnight camp, Sarah was a six month old puppy with some behavior problems.  She could be very sweet, but she was sneaky, destructive, and at times, aggressive with our children.  She was very smart, but not always in a good way.  She was smart enough to “game” the training we tried to do, and smart enough to hide where we couldn’t reach her to chew up shoes and other objects.  She had episodes of nipping, biting, pulling at clothes, growling and snapping near food, stealing toys and food from the kids.  She absolutely mangled our cats, mostly in a good natured, but over-exuberant way.  And when my father brought his dog over, Sarah reduced him to a quaking mass with her constant pestering. 

 As a seven month old puppy, after Dru’s camp, she is a solid citizen of the household.  She still has some “puppy brain” moments, but those are fading as we put into practice the guidelines that Dru taught us.  A substantial part of Dru’s training was training us how to set appropriate boundaries, to maintain a consistent routine, to teach Sarah the rules, and to reinforce those rules.  Dru’s observations about Sarah during camp helped us diagnose some of Sarah’s “triggers” for bad behavior, and Dru gave us strategies to try to address those. 

 The basic commands that Sarah came home from camp with are very useful.  For example, to keep Sarah off of visitors  (including their dogs), we send her to her “place” and she stays there, mostly.  If she disobeys us, instead of yelling and running around like we used to do; we use calm, forceful commands to get her back on track.  And she has been treating both our cats and kids much more gently. 

 And Dru has been available after the camp to help us through puzzling behaviors.  Based upon what Dru taught us, we have (so far) mostly been able to keep a step ahead of Sarah.  But if Sarah starts to outsmart us, we know who to call!



When we heard about Dru we needed help with our German Shepherd, Wolf. He had been through puppy school classes where the training was entirely treat-based. Wolf learned quickly but also figured out that if we were not holding a treat, he did not obey. His behavior became increasingly more challenging.

We realized we needed serious training and researched trainers all over Geauga, Lake and Cuyahoga County. Most trainers were either correction- based or treat-based. Some seemed too harsh, using a one-size-fits all approach. Others seemed like a repeat of the puppy school that had been ineffective.

A friend told us about Dru Therrian of Out of the Doghouse. As soon as I met Dru, I knew she was the trainer we were looking for. She listened carefully to our issues and what we hoped to accomplish. She considered our personalities and Wolf’s personality and developed a plan that addressed our needs. Dru approached training with a combination of treats, corrections, understanding, empathy and heart. She obviously cares deeply for the dogs, the owners and their relationship.

Dru did a fantastic job with Wolf and me. Wolf now listens and obeys with or without treats. He respects us and has become a joy to have around. Playtime, walks in the woods and car rides are now enjoyable with Wolf. Wolf seems happier with stricter rules and predictable consequences.

I would highly recommend Dru to anyone having dog training needs. Her approach of tailoring training to the individual dog and using a combination of firmness, understanding, empathy and heart is extremely effective.

Thank you so much, Dru!

The Keiper Family


Good Morning Dru,

I just wanted to write and say thank you again for the time you spent training Dexter. Even though it was only a few lessons, you really taught us how to deal with his behavior both good and bad. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on how well behaved he is! Thanks so much!

Tara Landies


At the beginning of December, my male beagle puppy, Tommy, bit the secretary of the school of which I am the Principal.  This was a crisis point and I knew that I had to take definite action to improve the behavior and disposition of Tommy.  I had kidded myself, believing that I could be a competent trainer for Tommy.  He was an aggressive, impulsive and insecure dog who sometimes listened to what I said, but generally was badly behaved. Living in New York City, it was critical that Tommy could walk well on a leash, but he was failing that test, too.  Plus, I feared that he would bite someone else, possibly a student, and that would spell disaster. Tommy needed someone who knew how to train him properly. 

I first looked into a neighborhood establishment who provided essentially doggie day care and training.  After some investigation, that was deemed insufficient for Tommy.  Next, a friend volunteered to do some training for Tommy, and that proved to be a disaster.  A well-known dog training agency was next engaged, but after our first 90 minute session, I knew that Tommy was going to need more extensive training. 

I turned to the internet searching for dog trainers.  Since I am originally from Cleveland, and my family still lives in the area, I refined my search to northeast Ohio dog trainers.  After reviewing other web sites, it became clear to me that “Out of the Dog House” might be a perfect fit.  After discussing Tommy’s situation with Dru Therrian and visiting the training site, I was convinced that Dru could provide the answer to Tommy’s training success.

Tommy was enrolled in the two-week Overnight Boot Camp at “Out of the Dog House.”  During these two weeks, I was in contact with Dru by telephone, email or text.  I received pictures and videos of Tommy as he progressed from his initial situation to a more confident, more secure and more obedient dog.  Tommy was even the subject of two of Dru’s weekly blogs!

When I arrived to take Tommy home, Dru provided me with training tools, leashes, hand outs and good advice.  I was anxious that somehow I would undo all the good work that Dru had done, and I was afraid that Tommy would revert to his old ways.  Tommy and I had lessons with Dru to refine my skills as a trainer and to support me as I welcomed my Tommy back into my life.  It is AMAZING!!! Tommy listens to me, he follows my commands, he walks beautifully on a leash, he has good manners and he is calm. He is so much fun, and he is a confident and happy dog! I am so grateful to Dru for the training that Tommy received and for the advice and continued support that I have been given. It truly is a blessing that Tommy and I are now graduates of “Out of the Doghouse.”

G. Morgan  New York, NY



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